Monday, March 1, 2010

Dan and Me

What a joke this deployment has been. First of all if his unit isn't the most jacked up unit in the army, i feel bad for the people who deal with worse. If you aren't aware Dan did reenlist, changed his job and we are hauling ass out of NY ASAP. Ya, know I have to say as much as I want to move out of here, I dont want to go. I met Sheri a long time ago and she can most relate to me.. we've cause our fair share of trouble in the neighborhood. She's done alot for me. Our babies are growing up together. I can't imagine not hanging out with her and yacking about whatever we decide that day. Then as much as I refused to get to know wives in my husband's unit, I did it anyway. In hopes that it would make the deployment go faster. I met some really great people, some not so great people, some people I want to choke, and some I can't wait to say goodbye to. I think the one I've become closest to would be Misti. We've stayed up talking until 3am some nights. She usually spends a night here one night of the weekend, and we watch a movie, play on the computer, read magazines, just hang out. It's not much but its nice girl time. I met her husband on R&R and I actually liked him. I don't like anyone.

Dan is doing well I guess. He should have been home on R&R RIGHT.NOW!!! But I am telling ya, his unit is really screwed up. And I know 'people' will get the link to this blog from my facebook and read it but i don't care, If i am talking about you on here, i probably told you what I think about you before. So, yeah instead of sending my hubby home on R&R they send this 'couple' that i think is a joke on a mini little vacation for a week. Mind you they had their R&R. Screw sending my husband home to his kids. It doesn't help that I'm not too fond of the so called wife in that marriage but whatever. Thoughts about her aside, wouldn't someone R&R that is the last person in the unit to get R&R, who has gone the longest without seeing his family, come first? Call me selfish but you are in Iraq to do a job, not go on a mini vacay to get mani's and pedi's. And to top it off they are deployed together, they freakin' get to see eachother all the time. You have no idea how much this rubs me the wrong way. So here I sit, on a day I should be spending with my husband, I have no idea when he will be coming home, if he even takes R&R at all, writing about how screwed up this unit is. If I knew who to go to that could look into all the screw ups in this unit, I would be there in a heart beat. I have gone to IG before but I think this is more then an IG complaint. And ya know what, if dan wasnt in this unit I could gaurantee you we would have way less disagreements. 195 days?!?!? And the day he is released from his unit, I am so going to give everyone of those fuckers who pissed me off a peice of my mind. Since there is nothing they can do to my husband at that point, bring it on! I do pretty much tell them all now.. but i am mean to them in a nice way.. there will be nothing nice about this when it happens.

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