Friday, August 6, 2010

Big news #2 - We got orders!!!

So... we are MOVING!

Not so unheard of in the military life but this is big. For us. I was really hoping to follow a friend to Ft. Bragg, NC. We figured we wouldn't have orders until Dan got done with his schooling for reclass, which is in January. I really figure when Christmas rolled around, we would be slammed with orders to move within 6 weeks to who knows where. Well, July 1st I logged into AKO, to find out that we have orders. Cool! That gives me time to prepare. To where? um.. Dan what is CP Darby? I have no idea, hun. Ok, I'll google it. Camp Darby? Where is that? I don't know.. me either... Did ya follow that? LOL.

Camp Darby- ITALY!!!! Reporting Early Feb 2011. ITALY?!?! What?!?! Are you serious?!?! Let the freak out begin.

Within the first week of knowing this I had called everyone and everywhere possible to get information on an overseas move. I don't think I ever used google so much in my life.

Dan is very excited, I am too. But still in shock a month after finding out. He has done his Levy briefing already and we are on the road to going. We know where we will be porting our van from, which airport we fly out of, everything about the passports. We have an overseas briefing next week which will fill us in a little more. But at this time, its waiting for passports (no fee as well as tourist) and waiting for our stuff to be shipped then we leave out lol.

So in Feb, we are moving to ITALY for a minimum of 3 years. WOOT

Here are some pictures of the area we are moving to- Livorno, Italy.

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