Friday, February 26, 2010

Starting... over!

I love to blog I really do! However there are some things that prevent me from doing it as much as I would like to. One would be the fact that I like to write everything that is on my mind. I want people to read but there are somethings I don't want some people to read, if you know what I mean. Well, like my in-laws, they don't deserve to read about our family or see pictures of our kids. But I have decided from here on out, I just don't care anymore! I know that they are no longer a part of our family, almost a year since any contact, I think that speaks for itself. Then there are the people I fear are stalking me. I don't care about them either. Like the people who automatically assume when your husband is deployed you screw around. Does it really look like I have time to get my groove on with all I have to deal with? Don't ya think my kids would blow me in? And well, I actually love my husband (well, we I will discuss him later! lol), I have been with him 10 years, I have dealt with a lot, I am not going anywhere quickly. How about the people who like to see what you are doing, just to talk about it? Yeah, I don't care about them either. Another thing is time. I spend a lot of time on Facebook but I can't find time to blog. It doesn't make much sense. Blogging is therapy for me. I thought about it the other day, how I should have journaled (in pen not online) or kept a blog up this entire deployment and gave it to Dan at the end to fill him in on all the things I forget. A bit too late now. So if you don't know, Dan deployed in late august. This deployment as been one serious roller coaster that is for sure. But here we are still trucking along and quite nicely if I might add. I will be doing a separate blog entry to give a small little update on all our family members, so come back soon :)

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