Saturday, April 10, 2010

How good it feels

I decided back in January that it was a good idea to go back to school! I've been out of school only 8 years but it was a hard decision for me. Many people think that I am older because of my maturity level. But I will lay it out for you right now. I am only in my mid 20's. I had my first daughter my senior year of high school. Actually 11 days before I graduated to be exact. BUT! I did graduate and with really awesome grades! It was hard don't get me wrong but I knew what I had to do. Prior to giving birth to Cass, my husband joined the Marine's. He dropped out of college because he knew he had to find a way to support us. I have to say, I do have a stand up guy in that aspect. Now.. when he is angry, just watch out ;). I had my second daughter 18 months after Cass. And then 2 1/2 years later came our first son. 2 years later is our last son... last child! I had them all young and close together. I love my kids I really do. I wouldn't change anything about my life other then having my husband home with me. So, yes after having my children and Dan being deployed I decided bettering myself would be great! The military is paying full tuition for me! I also have this secret plan, that when I get my degree I will make more money then what dan does and he can be a stay at home dad and I can work to support the family. HAHA! He wouldn't go for it but it makes me laugh thinking about it. I am currently taking a course that is not for me. I like to write about things I want to write about. I am not into how grammatically correct I am. I just want to say what I want to say, how I want to say it. So this course is a bit challenging for me compared to my last course. This is all about writing for people, making it business suitable.. blah blah blah. I went onto facebook complaining about how I dislike this course, saying how I should have paid attention to my English teachers back in high school. I have 2 of my English teachers as friends on there. My status got quite funny, my sister and Dawna's eldest daughter were joking around with me. Then my 9th grade english teacher made some comments. What she had to say really touched me. Her last comment actually made me cry, it made me feel so good!

This is the part that got me- I will not put her name up here as I don't have permission, but this is part of the comment-

"We get serious about who we are and what we CAN accomplish when we are READY!!! I can't tell you how proud I am of you. I also don't know very many people who could tackle all you do.I mean that!!!! And I also meant it when I said I'd help... But I've gotta yell you... You ARE such a good writer!!!! I told Jess the other day, you are
My favorite poster!!! So, do what you do best... Write what you know
Write from your heart
And write with that refreshing wit and ascerbic stance you often take that makes everybody crack up-- honesty mixed with creativity! You got it, girl!!!!!! Hugs, n nite, nite!!!!! "

I guess I never realized what kind of impact teachers really do have on students and that sometimes you do make an impression on people and they don't forget the person you are! So, Thank you Miss P!

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  1. What a wonderful response you had from your former-teacher, Jenn! See?! You DO have so much to share. A way of telling a story, and, especially here in the blogosphere, it's more about the story than all the rest.

    I don't like technical writing, but telling a story... Now, I can get my mind around THAT, and I think you can too. You do a great job of it!

    I am infectious... aren't I? lol