Monday, April 26, 2010


Back in April I went to a scentsy party hosted by my friend Tam under our consultant Kelly. At first I was like.. oh you have got to be kidding me. It's like pampered chef or tupper ware or home interiors. NOT INTERESTED AT ALL. I went just because I needed something to do that day. Well, wouldn't ya know. I fell IN LOVE with it! I ordered myself a burner and 3 scents. I then decided to have my own party under Kelly. If I am doing a party, you know I have got to like it. I never do these parties. EVER. After my party, I ended up with another warmer and 16 more scents. Addicted much?! lol. We even created a scentsy swap page on Facebook for scents we thought we loved but when they burned we didn't like them as much and wanted to give someone else a chance to enjoy them. There are over 80 scents, something for everyone. I don't think I ever stopped talking about scentsy from day one. Even Dan like it. Well today, I became a Scentsy consultant myself. I am so excited. I am already taking orders. I have my own web page and everything. I am even thinking that if I get enough readers, followers and people refer back to my page I will start having some Scentsy give aways. I want people to enjoy this as much as I do. The first selling point to me was that there is no flame. It's safe around the kids-we all know I have a slew of them! If you are interested in getting to know about scentsy, let me know. There is a link at the top of my page here. And please let your friends know about my blog so that we can get some give aways started!!!


  1. Good luck with the Scentsy! Isn't it great and exciting to find a product that you absolutely love and stand behind? I hope your venture as a consultant is very successful!

  2. And it's just waaaayyyyyyy too convenient. It's like a drug addict having their dealer next door. LOL

    OH! And you've been tagged because with the weather like it is, you don't have anything better to do today. LOL

  3. Congrats! I'm a Scentsy consultant too! I love Scentsy!!

  4. HEY! You need to get that long blog post you've been talking about up! *kicking you in the rear* lol

    I also have an award for you. You can pick it up HERE when you get a chance. :-)