Monday, April 19, 2010

My first award

I have recieved my very first blog award for this blog! It came from my neighbor Dawna @ Hiccups In Time... I had saw the award and meant to comment on it and I some how got distracted. We later in the evening had a brief texting conversation where she had to make sure she hadn't offended me lol. Absolutely not! I am very grateful and appreciative that I got this award!

This award is for well... Honesty! My favorite stuff in the whole wide world. I hate to be lied to, I hate the feeling you get when someone lies to you. And I absolutely hate it when people sugar coat things to either a)make you feel better or b)make them feel better.

If you receive this award, please nominate 1 other deserving blogger
and list 10 honest things about yourself that no one knows.

Hmmm- 10 things- See this could be really hard because I am the most open and honest person that I don't think there is anything I hide per se.

1) I use my husbands body wash on occasion when he is deployed

2) I've told my husband numerous times (when he is home) that I wish he would just deploy again

3) I love to sit outside and enjoy the sun.

4) I freeze bottles of water and smash them with a hammer to get 'crunchy' water

5) I enforce child labor around my house- they must work for what they want

6) I shop clearance racks and refuse to pay full price for things I know will go on sale a month down the road.

7) I do not like animals. We have a cat and dog and I do not like either of them. I feel like I live on a Farm.

8) The first night of R&R March 2010, my husband passed out on the couch and pissed me off, so I threw his clothes in the front yard and he had to go out in his boxers to get them. Mind you-this was after not seeing him for 9 months. Refer to #2 and #9

9) I am very stubborn as well as set in my ways. I have a very hard time adjusting to my husband coming back from deployments.

10) Here is a good one! I have a tendency to fly off the handle just because it amuses me! I do honestly like to pick a fight every now and then with people who I am not very fond of.

And here is an extra- I yell more in a day then most people yell in their lifetime :)

And to nominate someone, I am going to choose Jacquelyn @ Nurture Me Whole I met her through the blog party and we harassed each other on twitter alot, it was very amusing!


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  2. #8 - Dang! I wish I had seen that! Not to actually see your husband in his boxers, but to laugh because he was outside in his boxers. LOL Poor guy. lol