Saturday, April 3, 2010

The mini vist from the hubby

Well, I have slacked a bit writing, because my husband did make it home for R&R! 10 days after the original plan, but he was here! For us, the 15 days didnt fly by nor did they drag. It was a nice amount of time together. I am not good at readjusting so the first few days were rough. I am very stubborn and set in my ways. That at times effects us negatively. But after 10 years, together we have learned how to work through it. Since R&R is all about fun and now writing, enjoy these pics!
Picking him up
Hugging for the first time in 8 months
Waiting for him
Our 10 year picture!
10 years, 4 kids, 2 military branches, 6 states lived in.... and many years to come!
My little ham!
Our Romantic get away... This was the first night we as a couple have ever been away

Our "see you later's" there are no good-bye's!

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