Monday, April 5, 2010

Living in a military community = better?

For some reason I always thought that living in a military community, life would be simple. Less crimes, less worries, and the feeling of security.


My brand new van as well as Dan's car was egged friday night. It was probably a punk teenage kid. There was no damage but it really did make me angry. I figured that military members would enforce rules and discipline with their children more. I know how strict Dan is and how his father (Air force) was with Dan and his siblings when they were younger. I guess I just expected something its not. I assumed of all people to teach respect to their kids, it would be the military? I guess I pictured this perfect little world. And I was shown otherwise! I say, respect and discipline when because I know how much more respect Dan was when he got out of Boot Camp... I can only see Dan and myself teaching our kids to respect people and their property. I even do this now when the kids aren't treating a friends toy right. I just wish more people cared about what their children do, give them a curfew (since this happened between 11p and 5am), and just be involved with their kids.

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  1. I always thought this way, myself. While Dh has been in the Army, I have met some really respectfully polite children, and then there are others...

    Out of desperation, the Army has lowered its standards quite a lot over the years, and what you're discussing here, I think, is the result of that decision, unfortunately. It sucks for the rest of us who actually care, though...